The girls who stayed in Italy

 For now, I will only tell the story of the girls, because the only boy left for Brazil at the age of 21, and I will tell his story later. Camilla Michelina was the oldest and was 21 when her father passed away while Her sister Clara was only 10 years old. The two got married and went to other cities. Camilla married Ettore Eirale on 25/10/1823 at the age of 26 and went to Cuneo, still in Turin. She later returned to Pinerolo in 1930. Clara married Oreste Carpignano on 10/05/1928. Like her sister, she also returned to Pinerolo, four years after her sister, coming from Milan in 1941. The distance between Milan and Turin is little, depending on where in each city, approximately 2 hours. It is very interesting that the two returned to Pinerolo, the beautiful town surrounded by mountains that shine like diamonds in the winter sun. It’s because the snow is very white such that it reflects light! reflects light. Their bodies are all buried at Pinerolo. The Vighetto family's first home in the city was at 14, via Buniva, in the heart of the city. This information was provided by the Stato de famiglia, a document that can be requested from the Comune and comes at a cost. The photos of Camilla and Clara were sent to the family in Brazil through letters that are kept secret from a family member.

Clara Vighetto                                                                                                Camilla Michelina Vighetto

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