Ancestor Record

Henrique is from Bussoleno, a small city in the north of Italy, not so far from France. The repository which has the information is called Comune. We have a friend who was born in Italy and speaks Italian very well, she was a very dear neighbor for us when we lived in Diadema, São Paulo, Brazil, and her name is Vida (from Vita, that means life). She helped us so much in this first step, she made a phone call for this Comune asking about Henrique Vighetto’s records, we already had his birth date, and parents’ name.  Here we have a particularity of Italian people and governmental working system. As Bussoleno is a very small city and the people there are very kind, they looked at the registers in the very moment when Vida asked them. Henrique Vighetto was in their records but, as Enrico Luigi Remigio Vighetto. The birth date, and parents’ names matched. Here he was! The Comune of Bussoleno send the record to a family friend called Shizue, she lives in Milan, they would send only for an Italian address. After some weeks a letter arrived from Shizue with his birth record. We were very happy to know his original name. It was around 1998.

We decided to recognize my husband’s Italian Citizenship by the administrative way in 2020, so we needed a new copy of his birth record, we hired a professional to take the record and register it in Italy (Legalizzazione e Apostille). We lived in São Paulo, a very big city in Brazil. All the records should be corrected, first the name Henrique Vighetto should change to Enrico Luige Remigio Vighetto. The detail is that it can’t be done all at the same time. It must be corrected one by one, in a sequency of events. It was the bureaucratic part. It took some months and some money. At the end we had the process in our hands. We were so happy.

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