Joseph Walls
California - USA

I’ve told several here how helpful you were to my on site research in Italy. Thank you again for your help and guidance! How wonderful I am, so thrilled to get our first record from Lonato! Once again thank you and I hope you are doing well

Valcesa Guzzato
Goiás - Brasil

Thank you very much, I was very moved by the records you sent me. I found many surnames that my grandfather mentioned, and I’ll be able to expand this family branch significantly.

Nanci Munhoz
São Paulo - Brasil

It’s a beautiful job you do! It’s great to have people like you who go beyond searching for documents, as you also value memories and family ties. Thank you also for your dedication; I know you made a trip to obtain the apostille, and now I’ll be able to start correcting my documents. Thank you very much! And much success to you!