Professional Learning Certificate in Family History Research (BYU Idaho). This certificate provided us the knowledge to:
  • Define a genealogical research problem.
  • Develop a plan to solve a basic US research problem effectively and efficiently.
  • Gather information from documents relevant to a basic US research problem.
  • Analyze evidence on a basic level to reach appropriate conclusions.
  • Record conclusions in standard genealogical formats such as family group sheets, pedigree charts, oral histories, family histories, and personal histories.
  • Teach family history skills to others and assist in promoting family history work.
Continuous learning from online webinars and conferences
Researching our ancestors for 10 years
These courses taught us which records to search to find the right information, how to analyze those records to determine if they belong to the people we are researching, and record the information along with their references.
Our genealogy education, client work, and personal research provide us with the skills and knowledge to research your ancestors.

Henrique Vighetto Neto
Bachelor of System Analysis São Marcos University (São Paulo/ Brazil) provided him the ability to make spreadsheets, research online documents, and logical reasoning.
Regina Célia Boschi Vighetto
Degree in Pedagogy (UNOPAR/ Brazil) provided her the ability to team work, diversity awareness to use specific instruments for the construction of pedagogical and scientific knowledge.
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