A Record Between Them

Are there any coincidences? Two babies born 7 days apart, in the same city (Bussoleno/Torino/Italy) and married 20 years later (17/October/1896). I'll explain how I found out about it. When searching the original records of Giuseppe Giovanni Vighetto on the Family Search website, we (Henrique and I) were reading page by page, and we read Emilia Gillo (9/April/1876). She was the wife of Giuseppe (April 16, 1876). This was a big surprise because we were looking for Giuseppe, and we also found Emilia. Between them, there was only one record. It was fantastic! How close they were to each other since they were born! This is the beginning of a family history or a branch of a family tree. Every story has a beginning, and every story deserves to be told.

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