Rosa Ianni

Rosa Ianni was a beautiful young woman from Southern Italy who married a young man from Northern Italy on November 17, 1923, in São Paulo, Brazil. For those who don't know, there is a tremendous rivalry between the two regions, the result of the cultural difference originating in Roman times. Two films are very famous for portraying this reality in a fun way, Benvenuti al Sud and Benvenuti al Nord. Rosa Ianni was born on October 25, 1894 in the wonderfull city called Castellabate. While working in the fields, she saw the sea. By coincidence, the city of Castellabate is chosen as the setting for the film, Benvenuti al Sud. Her house was made of stone and the family stored a lot of food for the winter. This custom he took to Brazil and which is part of the affective memory of the grandchildren. She had many culinary skills, she made homemade pasta, tomato sauce with braciola, zeppole, struffoli, soppressata, pizza chiena (piena) and many other delicacies. His granddaughter Joana and daughter-in-law Meire continue to do what they learned from Dona Rosa, taking the family culinary tradition to the next generations. Many of her descendants love to cook.

(Why is Northern Italy Much Richer Than the South?)   (Portuguese)

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