Giuseppe and Emilia's New Family

They met in the same town they were born called Bussoleno. Giuseppe and Emilia were only 20 years old when they got married. Giuseppe was a pastry chef, and they had lived there for 10 years in two different houses. Both houses were in the heart of the city. However, the family didn't stay in Bussoleno forever. The reason may vary, but most of the time the parents want to make good choices for their families, and moving to another city was what they did more than once. First, they moved to Borgo taro (Borgo Val di Taro), Parma in 1906. They were 30 years old by then and had two children, Camilla Michelina Vighetto, aged 9, and Enrico Luigi Remigio Vighetto, aged 7. They stayed there for 6 years, and a baby girl was born there, Clara Vighetto. Finally, they went to Pinerolo, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. It is surrounded by mountains, in a beautiful, clear, winter's day they shine like diamonds. Heaven must be like that. Unfortunately, they didn't live there happy forever and ever. To be continued...

Bussoleno - Torino - Piedmont

Borgo Val di Taro - Parma - Emilia Romagna

Pinerolo - Torino - Piedmont

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