Enrico went to Brazil

At the age of 21, in June 19th 1920, Enrico arrived in Brazil. As soon as he arrived his name was changed to facilitate the pronunciation, to Henrique Vighetto, in Italy he was called Enrico Luigi Remigio Vighetto. He went alone, and we can imagine the agitation of his mind leaving for a new world, with another language and customs, with no family waiting for him and still so young. Many young people have the will and determination to immigrate, and even nowadays it is something recurrent. But we must agree that his situation was very challenging. Enrico carried some heavy burdens with him, such as having participated in the First World War at the same time as his father. His father, after 2 years of being drafted, died in a military hospital. Giuseppe is survived by his wife and three children. Enrico left his mother and two sisters to immigrate. He was a cultured young man, liked opera, played the violin and spoke Italian, French and learned Portuguese. He also worked as a pastry chef, a profession he learned from his father. All foreigners who arrived passed through the Hospedaria dos Immigrates, and it was no different with Enrico. He remained in São Paulo, capital, working as a pastry chef. He carried in his mind the horrors he experienced in the war. His wife said that he used to wake up at night, tormented by his memories.

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