Enrico's life in Brazil

After going through the Hospedaria dos Imigrantes, Enrico settled in the Bexiga neighborhood, in São Paulo. Most Italians who were there, were from Southern Italy (Meridians). The neighborhood was known for being home to the largest Italian community in the city. He worked as a pastry chef at the Bakery Basilicata, which since its origins in 1914 has been one of the places where the Italian colony gets closer to its roots. There they found a feeling of welcome and a scent of an Italian home, mainly coming from its traditional and famous Italian bread. On that occasion, he met a beautiful young woman with whom he fell in love and married in 1922, forming a family. Rosa Ianni was from the south, from Castelabate, a beautiful city overlooking the sea. The first child was José Vighetto born in 1924, whose name in Italian is Giuseppe, the same name as his father. He passed away before completing one-year-old. The second daughter was Emilia Vighetto, born in 1926, who received the same name as Enrico's mother, whom he missed so much. In 1928 Clara Vighetto was born, Clara was the name of Enrico's younger sister who stayed in Italy. In 1930 the couple had another daughter named Lydia who died in the first few months. And finally, they had the long-awaited son who would carry the surname Vighetto forward, Italo Vighetto was born in 1932. Before Italo was born, the daughters Emilia and Clara, went with their parents to visit the family in Italy, in Pinerolo. Enrico's mother, Emilia, invited them to stay in the city, but they chose to return to Brazil. He made two other trips, but alone.

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