Ítalo Vighetto (Brazilian), son of Enrico (Italian)

Ítalo Vighetto was born in São Paulo and lived there all his life. As a male child, he helped his family of a mother and two sisters when his father died, still young, aged 59. He worked at the São Paulo State Biological Institute as a driver. That's why he traveled a lot through the cities of the state. He took the vaccines, which were manufactured by the Biological Institute in partnership with the Oswaldo Cruz Institute, blessing the lives of many people. He married Maria Emeris Lazarini, named Meire, on December 17, 1966. 

They had a big age difference; he was 34 and she was 19. He met her through a co-worker, Edson. He had a house in Tabatinga and they always went hunting and fishing together in this city. He was passionate about opera, learned from his father Enrico and listened to it often, influencing his entire family with musical taste. He knew the major operas and whistled the arias as he listened to them. The ones he listened to the most were: Madama Butterfly, La bohème, Barber of Seville, Tosca and Aida. He also listened to Neapolitan music, influenced by his mother. He liked the singer Pavarotti and the most famous classical music. 

Always oriented to the arts, he tried to paint pictures. He was always in great demand by his sisters and later by his wife's family. He was always willing to help solve those everyday challenges. And he continued to be the family driver even after he retired. He was passionate about life, family, and even good food. He was privileged to have a mother who cooked wonderfully and a wife who was not far behind. His joy was to see the family sitting at the table.

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